On this page, you will find a range of resources for raising trans awareness in your institution, including posters, workshop materials, and policy development guides. 


Public sector and third sector organisations are welcome to use these resources for non-commercial purposes, such as delivering in-house awareness sessions or training. We ask that you cite and credit TransEDU, Dr Matson Lawrence and Dr Stephanie Mckendry when using or reproducing these resources. If you would like to use the resources for other purposes not listed above, please contact Matson ( to discuss further.


Developing a Trans Policy: Guide for Colleges and Universities

Click here to download the 'Developing a Trans Policy' guide.


Resources for Workshops and Training:


Workshop Slides - Trans 101: Introduction to trans identities and gender diversity

These slides provide an introduction to trans identities, gender diversity, terminology and legislation. We have used these at the beginning of many workshops and training sessions to introduce participants to the key areas of understanding. Feel free to use these slides when delivering your own trans awareness session.

Click here to download 'Trans 101 - Introduction to Trans Awareness Workshop' slides


Workshop Activity - Lingo Bingo

In this 'icebreaker' activity, participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the terminology around gender and trans experience.

Click here to download 'Lingo Bingo: Trans Awareness Workshop Activity' guide

Workshop Activity - Mapping the Journeys

For every student or staff member, there are a wide variety of factors that interact with their ‘journey’ through study or work. This guided activity asks participants to consider the journeys of trans students or staff, to assist them to identify the areas in their college or university that may present additional barriers or difficulties. We have used this exercise both as an internal reflective activity with our Human Resources department, for example, and as part of wider training sessions with external organisations and other colleges and universities. It has always led to insightful engagement by participants.

Click here to download 'Mapping the Journeys: Trans Awareness Workshop Guide'

Click here to download 'Mapping the Journeys' PowerPoint slides to accompany the workshop.





Calendar of Key Dates for recognition, dialogue and celebration for trans, gender diverse and intersectional communities



This calendar lists the key dates for recognition, dialogue and celebration for trans, gender diverse and intersectional communities. This resource can be printed or shared electronically to increase awareness of annual events and observances.

Click here to download the Calendar of Key Dates


Trans & Non-Binary Flags

Use these images for e-mail signatures, websites, publicity materials and other materials around campus. These images are good way to visually indicate your support for, and affirmation of, trans, non-binary and LGB people.


  Trans Flag Non-Binary Flag LGBT Flag


"Right-click" (Windows) or "Command-click" (Mac) and select "Save image".


Trans Visibility Posters by Stonewall

Click here for poster images to use around your campus.


[Image: Trans Visibility Posters from Stonewall, available here]


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